Accelerating Progress with AI-Powered Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Graphs

Utilizing neural network-based knowledge graphs, we provide a dynamic and interconnected representation of data. This approach enables intuitive exploration and identification of complex relationships within and across research domains.

Knowledge Discovery

Our platform seamlessly integrates diverse databases, allowing researchers to conduct comprehensive, cross-database searches. This not only saves time but also uncovers valuable insights that would otherwise remain hidden in isolated data silos.

Pattern Recognition
Across Data Sources

Our AI algorithms are adept at detecting subtle patterns and trends across various data sources, offering a new dimension of insights essential for cutting-edge research.






At PrivateAI, we're redefining the landscape of scientific research and innovation. Leveraging the unmatched capabilities of artificial intelligence, we offer groundbreaking solutions for analyzing research data, uncovering hidden knowledge, and driving unprecedented discoveries.

Medication Discovery


Accelerate the journey from research to remedy. Our AI-driven insights help in identifying potential drug compounds, understanding disease mechanisms, and personalizing treatments.

Genetic Research


Advance the frontiers of genetics. Our platform aids in decoding complex genetic data, contributing to breakthroughs in gene therapy, genetic disorder research, and personalized medicine.

Space Exploration


Propel cosmic discoveries. From analyzing astronomical data to simulating space missions, our solutions are helping unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Advancing Longevity Research with AI   


Discover the future of aging and longevity research through our AI-driven analytics. By integrating diverse datasets from genetics, molecular biology, and clinical studies, empower researchers with tools to decode the secrets of longevity, fostering groundbreaking advancements in therapies and healthspan enhancement.

Harness your data with AI and expedite the process of groundbreaking scientific discoveries that reshape the world.

The native token PGPT serves to incentivize user participation and create a sustainable economy

Discover the transformative power of PrivateAI firsthand. We invite you to witness how our cutting-edge solutions can revolutionize your business operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth.

This is the Age of AI

This is the Age of AI

This is the Age of AI

This is the Age of AI


Builders of

The greatest minds of AI and web3 are building GPT that will protect your privacy

Angel Versetti


Ex Founder Ambrosus $AMB (cofounded with Gavin Wood, cofounder and CTO of Ethereum $ETH / founder of Polkadot $DOT); Founder of Dogecoin Foundation ( and Head of Community $DOGE, Head of Whales of Syscoin $SYS. Cofounder of Goldsworth Capital and Versetti&Co Family Office. Forbes 30 Under 30 List (Global) in Finance. Former United Nations (UN) global project coordinator. Ex Google and Bloomberg. Institutional-size investor into $BAT $NMR. Studied at Oxford (MSc) and Cambridge (BA).

Maxim Prishchepo


Ex Lead Architect Fantom Foundation ($FTM); inventor of Lachesis consensus algorithm and the Special Fee Contract (SFC) that was integrated into Fantom Core blockchain. Lead Core Dev at 0chain and Energi.World. 20+ years of senior dev experience. MSc in Computer Applications.

Dr. Kate Ianishevska


Ex CMO Ambrosus ($AMB) - $70m+ raised; ex CMO of Dogecoin Foundation ( and Head of Marketing $DOGE - created a network of 5000+ KoLs and celebrities for Dogecoin and executed #dogetop5 campaign gaining multiple responses from Elon Musk for Dogecoin; Ecosystem and Investor Relations Lead at Syscoin $SYS; PhD in Investment Law and 5 Years experience as Investment Lawyer; Member of several Tier1 family office networks and investor clubs.

Marcello Mari

[Strategic Advisor]

Founder/CEO SingularityDAO ($SDAO), Founding Team Member SingularityNET ($AGIX), Mentor Algorand ($ALGO). Sold world's first and only NFT made by Sophia Robot. Ex TechCrunch, Wired, Guardian. BA in Politics & Media at Bologna University.

Rafe Tariq

[Strategic Advisor]

Rafe is currently Senior Researcher at SingularityDAO. Previously he has research experience from Imperial College London and UoY.  Formerly President of York AI and Founder of WhiteBox Insurtech Gen Startup. BSc and MEng in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence from the University of York.

Rodrigo Sottomayor

[Head of Ecosystem]

Ex Chief of Staff of Protocol Labs ($FIL) where he led engineering teams for Filecoin and IPFS. 10+ Years of senior talent acquisition, operations and management at Fluence, Broadcom and Bluesky. BSc in Corporate Strategy, MSc in IT Management from NOVA IMS and Executive Courses from Harvard Business School.

Grigory Gonastarev


5+ Years as Cryptoeconomics / Tokenomics Lead at GhostDrive, Mazuri, Evolution Life. Inventor of DeFi RFQ Primitive that won the Serum Wormhole Hackathon (Solana). Onchain ZKP researcher. Former Analyst at Berkshire Hathaway (founded by Warren Buffett). MSc in Computer Science at Harvard.

Amir Umaev

[Software Engineer]

14 years in Software Engineering, incl. 6 years in blockchain. Senior Contributor on flash loans, yield farming and DEX infrastructure at Fantom Foundation ($FTM), RepresentDAO and

Alexandr Chasovnikov

[System Analyst]

8 years as System Analyst for DeFi in Fantom Foundation ($FTM) and Ex System Analyst in Energi.World. MSc in Mathematical Analysis

Alex Dutkovsky


13 years track record as CTO and lead developer. Executive roles at multiple successful projects such as Silver Spoon Studio,, TelegramSales and PickAqua. Building on Substrate and Solidity.

Konstantin Savinykh

[Software Engineer]

15 years in Software Engineering with focus on security protocols in distributed systems. Ex core dev of, 0chain and

Alex Jef


Used AI to successfully solve crime and catch suspects with the state police. Co-founder of Top-5 Shutterstock account, co-founded the Generative Model Agency, Founded PlusPace - Social platform to connect creatives with clients.

Sergey Naumenko


12 years as Senior Dev in Blockchain, AI and enterprise SaaS. Ex Lead Dev of RepresentDAO and Senior Dev in OpenAI API integration and neural networks training.

Ivan Butakov


5 Years experience in sensitive projects in Digital Forensics and Cryptography Systems. MSc in Engineering (Cryptography & Cybersecurity) at Tallinn University of Technology.

Anton Goldobin


Cross-functional specialist with UI/UX & Frontend experience. UX/UI Designer, Frontend Developer, Motion Designer.


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Scraping Protection


Equip your data with advanced AI-driven scraping protection, effectively preventing unauthorized access and securing the integrity of your information against data breaches.

Data Encryption


PrivateAI uses top-tier Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) for data to safeguard sensitive information. This approach ensures compliance with the highest industry security standards, providing robust protection against unauthorized access.

Prevent Data Exploitation


Maintain complete control over your data with strong defenses against big tech exploitation. This feature ensures data security and sovereignty, keeping your information private and shielded from external corporate influences.